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Thank You!

The petitions have been turned in. More news will be forthcoming.
(We are examining our options under current recall law, meanwhile, please check "News" above.)

We wish we could say that we made it, but it became clear this past week that despite the thousands of petitioners, circulators, volunteers and others we just didn't have the required numbers to invoke the Recall. Regardless of the result, we still assert that the process was a catalyst for the electorate and well worth the effort of everyone involved in gathering, collecting, mailing, notarizing and just plan helping. Every day of the Recall process revealed to us the sincerity of our citizens, the consideration most Arizonans have for others and the love so many people have for our beautiful state.

It also led us to a deeper understanding of the stranglehold politicians have on our political process. A Recall of this Administration of Hatred is something people in every county of this state wanted (they told us this again and again), but you would never know it by the actions of the mainstream parties or politicians.

We could point to the comprehensive media blackout (despite the assistance of a few local friends). We could point to the lack of support
by party committees. We could point to formatting problems, late mailings and other logistics, we could point to a manual collection process that is still very much stuck in a pre-internet age. We could also point to a shoestring of a budget.

But we will make no excuses, we will hold our heads high and look to the future. For what was primarily a word of mouth campaign, we managed to cover every county and corner of the state and have heartfelt discussions with thousands of our fellow citizens.

We fell short, but for our critics (and the criticism will undoubtedly come) we will simply ask, "what did you do to help?"

To those that did help, we can't thank you enough.

This round is over...but stay tuned.


Is this the Arizona we want our elected leader to portray?

Taking a page out of the playbooks of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Ohio Governor Kasich, Governor Jan Brewer and extreme right-wing Arizona lawmakers are pushing a series
of bills attacking firefighters, teachers, nurses and other public service workers who work hard to keep our communities safe and strong. These bills would take away all collective bargaining rights for public service workers, leading to large class sizes in our schools, more dangerous working conditions for firefighters, and police officers and making our communities less safe. As in Wisconsin and Ohio these measures are not about balancing Arizona’s budget and are not about jobs. They are about destructive political agendas, right wing politicians and their corporate masters pushing across the country to consolidate their power.

And finally but not least, the workers, the poor, the elderly and children of our beautiful state have been attacked enough by this governor with her cutbacks that threaten to turn our beloved state into a place resembling a third world country. In this year, the centennial of Arizona, We will re-take our state for love, compassion and humanity. May GOD bless the state of Arizona, recall Jan Brewer!

Thank you for any contributions you can make ! We understand its hard for all of us right now so if you can donate anything at all thank you ! Without enough money for printing the tens of thousands of petitions that we need and for all those associated with a state wide recall we will not be able to get the job done ! Thank you :)

When donating, no matter how small the donation please give your full name, street address, email address and (optionally) occupation and employer.
Thank You !

There are three ways to contribute to our campaign to recall this extremist governor:

1.) You can Volunteer to help.

2.) You can Contribute by mail:

Our mailing address for contributions is: 
Committee To Recall Jan Brewer:
P.O. Box 87821
Phoenix, AZ. 85080-7821

3.) You can Contribute through PayPal (below):

Leonard Clark, Chair

Ph. 623-329-0284

Travel expense projections have doubled along with the rising price of fuel. Also, many more people have requested petitions by mail, we anticipated that folks would download these, but hundreds want them mailed (especially those in our senior citizen communities). This means mailing costs are up, too. Remember, this is an all-volunteer grassroots effort. - Please donate if you can.

Recall Petition Reference # RC-01-2012